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How can a cam girl earn money by providing a girlfriend experience


In this modern world, where everyone is busy with their own lives it can get really difficult to find a date. There are many men who find the idea of wooing a girl really tiring, however, still want someone with whom they can share their feelings and emotions. These men are usually rich people who are so busy with their work. Therefore, they are not able to put the efforts that are required to maintain a relationship. Many of these men are widowers who just want someone to care for them and in return, they are ready to load the girl with money.

As a webcam girl, you have a huge opportunity to turn these lonely men into your regular webcam viewers and provide them with the Girlfriend Experience. Irrespective of why these busy, rich men are participating in GFE, it is a hugely demanded experience within cam shows.

Tips before starting to provide the Girlfriend Experience –

Set boundaries

It is vital that prior to offering the GFE to your customer you make it clear that it is a fantasy. You will encounter customers who will take the whole experience extremely seriously. Although it is good for the business it can get extremely dangerous. In such a situation, customer can always cross the line from them seeing it as a fantasy being fulfilled to actually seeing you as their girlfriend.

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Therefore, it is important that before beginning GFE with a customer you make your availability clear to them. A normal man would want his girlfriend to be communicating throughout the day and possibly exchanging pictures/chatting/etc. However, as a cam girl need to set some specific “working hours” so that the viewer understand that you have a life outside this fantasy arrangement. Also, don’t be afraid to set limits and refuse to the things that you are not comfortable doing.

The GFE is more than sex

Understand that the viewers wanting a GFE are not in it only because of the sex. They want something more than sexual pleasure and see you as their girlfriend. Therefore, it is important for you to dress like a girl next door. You need to be able to connect with your viewer on an emotional level so that he is able to share his emotions and feeling with you. Many times, the viewer will be happy to just see your face and don’t want anything sexual.

These kinds of shows are the best for the non-nude models, who are not much into sex (Read here). For the girlfriend experience, your show would be more like a Skype between a girlfriend and boyfriend. Therefore, stress on calling the client by his name and make the conversation personal. Start the conversation by discussing how your day went and how you are feeling. Moreover, you must treat the client as a very important part of your life.

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Offering GFE Clips and Customs

As the customer will see you as his girlfriend, he will want to always stay connected with you. This is something that is not possible through the webcam, therefore, you should make sure to send him your short clips. These clips can be about you doing something simple like playing with your body while talking on the phone. You can also send him your sexy pictures wearing some erotic clothing. Moreover, you can always sex chat and fulfill his various fetish, like – foot fetish, BDSM, etc. Although, it is true that GFE is not primarily about sex, therefore, best for non-nude models. However, it is always nice to add some spice even to a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. You can buy various sex toys to fulfill your customer’s fetishes from here.

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