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How can a cam girl earn huge money while pregnant


In the webcam world, there are a huge number of fetishes that attract onscreen viewers. One such fetish that is becoming more and more popular these days is the pregnancy fetish, which can attract a huge number of viewers to your room. So, if you are already a webcam girl who is continuously postponing the thought of starting a family, as you don’t want a break from your career then you should think again. Moreover, if you are already pregnant then you should take advantage of this period while it lasts.

Why Pregnant Cam girls Attract Men?

Certain men find the shape of a pregnant woman attractive and thus sexualize it. There are various reasons because of which men have pregnancy fetish. Certain of those reasons comprise the lactation, the idea of the impregnation and big boobs to merely adoring the shape of a pregnant woman.

Being a pregnant webcam model is almost the same as any webcam model. The single difference is that pregnancy modeling is more of a niche. When it comes to being a webcam girl, maintaining a good professional relationship with your clients will let you develop a fan base and get ideas about how to perform in front of the camera in a way that your clients may enjoy. It is also equally important that you keep your clients informed about your pregnancy with respect to your month and your due date. If you are an experienced webcam model, it is important that you perform with the same confidence that you had before you got pregnant. Moreover, it is important to understand that no matter how you feel about your body there is a section of the viewers that enjoy your body in the present state. Therefore, make the most of your pregnancy time.

pregnant woman walking on seashore

Tips for pregnant cam girls

Say no to the requests that you are not comfortable with

In the case, you are not comfortable with anything that your viewer wants of you to do not be afraid to say ‘no’. Moreover, if you are feeling uneasy due to the pregnancy take some time off. It is imperative that you are comfortable with what you are doing so you can have fun while fulfilling the fetishes of your clients. Furthermore, you can even ask your partner to join in the show and have a gala time together. This will also strengthen your bonding.

Keep an open mind

The chief objective of a camming session is to make your client happy and satisfied. There are chances that at times the client might have some abstract requests. In these situations, make sure you are prepared to think outside of the box. Having an open mind will also ensure that you have ideas to share with your viewers. You can also wear different costumes and do roleplay in order to entertain your viewers.

Be unique

Understand what makes you different from all the other cam models performing the same fetish. The finest method to do this is by getting to know yourself sexually. By getting to know yourself sexually, you will be able to know your strengths, comprehend your weaknesses, and thus continue to grow. Moreover, in order to get rid of your pregnancy marks use the Nuonove Stretch Mark Cream.

Have fun

Whatever word you do, you should make sure to enjoy it. If you are enjoying your work, your clients will understand that and it will help your performance. It will automatically make the client happy and he will be able to enjoy more. You can also use sex toys for maximum pleasure, however, make sure not to push too hard. (Read here)

pregnant woman sitting on stone near body of water painting

The pregnant female form is something that should be celebrated. It is okay to want to explore your body and want to share that exploration with others. So, if you are already pregnant or planning to get pregnant don’t be shy and register yourself on Chaturbate. Moreover, if you are not actually pregnant, but want to cater to the pregnancy fetish niche you can buy a fake pregnancy bump from here.

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    • Nothing wrong in that. It’s a personal choice to show it or not it all depends whether you are comfortable showing that part of your life.

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