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EXTRA INCOME – Webcam shows – for small states and digital nomads during COVID


.Would you like some extra income in this period of COVID?  Have heard the word digital nomad? These words refer to the people who earn a living through internet-based jobs. They can live pretty much anywhere they please as long as there is a good enough internet connection.

It’s the case of webcam broadcasters (performers) and live webcam affiliates

Earn from home or from your mobile don’t waste your time

COVID-19 brought a lot of us to work from home but for many of us our income has been seriously impacted either because our business/job could not operate only online, or because the business we worked for went bankrupt because of many months of shut down.

So many of us are trying to learn how to make more money or how to build an income with an online business/activity that requires little or no investment or possibly very little or no-risk at all to start up.

Performing live on adult webcam isn’t for everybody. Maybe you are too shy maybe you are too prudish or scared.

Did you know you can BLOCK AN ENTIRE COUNTRY from seeing your show?

and you can choose NOT TO SHOW YOUR FACE at all.

Is it still not for you?

So that $5000-$7000 a month a lot of couples or good single performers make it is not an option you can consider. If you this is you instead go ahead and try it it’s free to start on 

However the multi-billion dollar industry has an opportunity for you. Even more while people are at home in need for some more live interaction via webcam that helps all of us against COVID-19. Adult webcams also contribute positively to our sexual and mental health in isolation. We are not only watching but we are interacting with performers on a live basis .

Have you thought of being an affiliate? Earn $50 for every performer you recruit or 20% for all the money users spent form your links?

Affiliate Earnings


You can build a whitelabel website yourself with live webcam or we can do it for you if you need help.



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