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Tips for cam girls to sell their used items – sex toys and lingerie


No matter how weird it may sound there is actually a section of the viewers who are interested in buying the personal products that a webcam model uses and are even ready to pay a hefty price for it. Fetishism is a fetish (read here) in which the viewer has an attachment towards the girl’s inanimate items as they give him an extra pleasure and satisfaction. It is because of this that many cam girls have started selling their worn panties and used sex toys in exchange for some quick bucks.

If you are also someone who would like to sell your personal items, then the below tips are for you –

Take high-resolution pictures

In order to persuade and entice your viewers into buying your lingerie, stockings or sex toys, you must take attractive high-resolution images of your items at different angles. Moreover, make it a point to watermark the images with your name in order to avoid piracy. You can also use your Photoshop skills to make the images more appealing and enticing. Also, don’t forget to add sexy and detailed descriptions of the products.

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Decide a price

The price that you decide for your item should be neither too low nor too high. You can research the internet to decide on a good price for your used item. Moreover, you can start some discount or combo offers for your products. For instance, if the order is placed immediately then the customer will get a 10% discount. You can also have a combo offer in which the customer will get the socks free on the purchase of a bra and a stocking. Moreover, while selling your worn panties you can offer a short video of you in the panties for an additional amount. You can purchase sexy lingerie for yourself from here.

Decide on the place to sell

After deciding on the price for your item, you need to decide on the place where you can sell the items. Carry out proper research before deciding on the website through which you want to sell your personal items. Moreover, it is advisable that you stay anonymous in order to protect your privacy. Avoid disclosing your personal information, like original name, residence, phone number, etc. in order to avoid potential stalkers.

Do Not Use PayPal

Avoid using PayPal for adult-oriented material. If a client complains or points at any incongruities, PayPal will surely cancel your account. Acting in agreement with terms and conditions of adult payment gateways is significant. Therefore, it is best to use other reliable alternatives.

Understand the customer

Before making any kind of the transaction, it is important that you are clear about what the customer wants so as to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

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Do not be afraid to say no

You should not do something that you are not comfortable doing. It is important to satisfy your client, however, you should set your boundaries and learn to be firm. For instance, a request to wear the same set of cute panties for full one month should be declined as it can result in infections. Similarly, if you are not comfortable in wearing a very tight panty continuously for two days, you must convey this to the client.

Stress on the Packaging

People buy your used items for the kinky smell. Therefore, it is vital to carefully handle all the used panties, bras, socks, stockings, etc. Preserve the scent of the item by packing the items in an airtight container. Moreover, in order to turn the client into a regular, it is best to include a personal note and some lipstick kisses on a tissue paper.

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