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How much can I make on Webcam as a webcam girl or couple?


How much does a cam model really make?

How much money can you make as a camgirl? This is one of the hot questions frequently asked in the webcamming world. The answer, obviously, depends on a lot of factors like – the cam site that you chose for streaming, number of hours you spend on broadcasting, your consistency, as well as the effort you put to make yourself stand out.

UPDATE POST COVID-19 – See this article to know more

We don’t know how reliable this article figures actually are but already in 2014 the national newspaper Daily Mail was reporting and interviewing cam girls making more than £700,000/year in the UK. See original article here

Some Numbers publishers by a very reputable Cam model agency in 2017 so you can assume an increase of 20% at least for 2019

Average Hourly Income: $49 (in 2017) so it’s safe to assume $58 for 2019 (£45.2/hour)

Webcam modelling is an good option for someone who wants to make money. Unlike what most people think is not 100% about your looks. It’s more about the entertainment you provide after all it’s the entertainment business. The job of making webcam shows as a single girl or even as a couple requires some efforts from your side. In this article, I will talk about how much money you can make as a cam girl (or couple) and the things to keep in mind while in this business.

Just like the majority of the jobs out there, webcam modelling also requires work and some patience. Many new girls and couples when they first join the webcamming business get a lot of attention and make a lot of ‘easy money’ as they get lucky some others don’t make make much at their first show and give up very easily leaving an huge potential they have. Those girls and couple that start seeing webcam modelling as a lucrative job opportunity right away and therefore, make the mistake of leaving their actual job for webcam modelling make a very common mistake. However, you, as a cam girl or couple need to understand that webcamming is a business not an actual job and thus does not provide the facilities (insurance, sick leave, security, etc.) that come with a regular job. There is no fixed monthly pay in the webcamming business; therefore, it is never a good idea to leave your regular job to become a full-time webcam model until your earnings are high enough even in the worst month.  How do you get to stable and high earnings ?

 Consistency is the key

For becoming a successful webcam model, you need to prioritize yourwebcam business and be consistent with it. Even with continuing with your regular job, you need to take out at least 4 hours from your daily schedule for webcamming. You need to really commit to the webcamming business, as taking it lightly won’t take you anywhere. You should make it a point to take out time to go regularly online on the cam so that you are able to form a connection with the clients. It should be understood that going live on the webcam for 1 hour per day won’t do you any good and is of no use. Therefore, when it comes to webcamming you need to give at least 4 hours daily to the webcamming, even if it means doing it for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. Also, you need to be consistent with this approach, so that you become an important part of your customer’s lives.

Understand your customers

Once you get online on the webcam, you will find different kinds of customers in your room. While some of the customers would be generous with their tipping, there would be others who would rarely tip. Here, it is your job to understand which customer deserves your attention and which customer you should cut short. It is a good idea to give your attention to the customer who has money and tips, rather than wasting your time on the customer who rarely tips. Becoming too involved with the client with no money would mean that you lose the client with money, as there are chances that he would leave the room after waiting for your conversation to get over with other people. Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand the nature of your clients and prioritize them accordingly.

The numbers

As discussed earlier, the actual money that you will make as a webcam model will depend on a number of factors. In the start a ‘new girl’ can make a lot of money, sometimes going up to 500$ per hour. However, an average model, who has been in the business for quite some time can make something around 65$-150$/hr.But again, the money is not fixed in this business, and it might happen that in one hour you are making 300$, and on the next day you make nothing. So, the key is not to get overwhelmed with your success and not take the money that you make for granted.

Camming is an awesome job and can be truly rewarding. However, just like any other job, webcamming requires the time for you to grow and make a connection with the client. In the end, it needs to be kept in mind that when it comes to webcamming, not all days are same. There would be days when you would earn 1000$ + and again there would be days when the business would be slow, therefore, it is never a good idea to leave your regular job for webcamming. However, once you get a knack of the webcamming business things become a lot more easier and fun.

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