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5 Mistakes cam models should not make


New cam girls often make certain mistakes that come in their way of making good money on the camming sites. Some major camming mistakes that can destroy the cam girls’ chances of making good money are given below –

1. Quitting Too Soon

Many new cam models get frustrated when they are not able to get enough tips or don’t get good audience. The majority of the girls don’t wait enough to make the client base and just quit. Quitting too soon is the worst mistake that a new cam girl can make. In order to make it big in the camming world, you need to be patient, learn, change your strategy, and get better! With a couple of months of consistent camming, you will find a good customer base and loads of money.

2. Not following a schedule

You have to maintain a specific timing, which is right for you as well as your audience. Viewers typically have routines and schedules, and they come online on the camming site at a specific time. If you keep changing your timings then you won’t find your regular viewers.

If you keep a fixed timing, you will attract a lot of repeat viewers with whom you can form a bond.

3. Empty Bio

Many newbie cam girls make the mistake of not filling their “about us” section. This “about us” section on the camming site can give a lot of information about the cam model’s bio, likes, room rules, show timings, etc. Filling up these details will to some extent save you from the freeloaders. Moreover, if your viewers know your show timings they will find you reliable and might also adjust their schedule accordingly. Viewers see you as their virtual girlfriend, therefore, would like to know you as much as possible – use your bio to give them some personal details.

4. Not entertaining your audience

You are new to camming and are nervous, but that is not something that your viewers would like to know. As soon as you switch on the camera, there should be a smile on your face, which tells the viewers that you are there for them. You should put yourself out there and put your charm and sass to entice your audience. You need to be a good host and welcome new viewers by adding their username in the chat box. Make it a point to talk to viewers and pay attention to each viewer in order to get maximum tips.

5 Mistakes that no cam model should ever make

 5. Taking Long Breaks

Taking long breaks from camming is possibly the worst thing that you can do to harm your webcam modeling career, particularly when you have hundreds and thousands of followers.

It is true that you have worked very hard to develop a good client base. These clients tip you well and are present in all your shows. But, that does not mean that you get lazy and decide to take a long break thinking that as these clients have now become regulars, they will wait for you. If you do so, you will find that in a couple of months in which you were busy enjoying your break, all your regulars have forgotten about you. In such a scenario, you would have no other option than to start again from scratch.

So please, avoid any long breaks!

If you really have to take a break, try to keep it as short as possible, maybe 10 days.

Surely, there are many other mistakes that a new cam girl makes but the above are some of the chief mistakes, which must be avoided by the cam girls to make a successful career camming.

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