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Why Webcam Modeling Is Better Than Stripping


A lot of people think that being a cam girl is the same as being a stripper. However, this is far from the truth as both the jobs are different; the only similarity being that both professions are part of the adult industry. Right from the nature of the job to the work environment, the two jobs are nothing alike. However, below are some reasons that make camming much better than stripping or any other adult profession per se (Read here).

Cam models work from the comforts of their home

Strippers are supposed to work in strip clubs. Moreover, at times they are required to travel to the client’s rooms, or other venues to provide private shows. It is because of this that it is not unusual for strippers to get groped and be intimidated by wild clients who are not ready to adhere to the rules, like – no touching. On the contrary, webcam girls are free to work from the comfort of their home, where they feel safe. They are not required to travel to a possibly dangerous place, which also removes the problem of violent clients. Moreover, if a webcam girl feels uncomfortable with a viewer, she has an option of simply blocking them.
The good thing is that there is no worrying about running back into the nasty viewer on the street.

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Cam models can decide their own work timings

Strippers are usually at the mercy of the club they work for or the client who hires them for a private show. The girls are often required to perform, irrespective of any mitigating situations, or else face the likelihood of being fired. At the times when the business is slow, their number of shifts gets cut, which puts them in financial trouble. On the other hand, webcam girls can control their own schedules. If they wish to work, they can get started quickly. This is also an advantage when they wish to make extra money. Webcam girls can work as much or as little as they decide; it is totally their decision.

There is no unnecessary drama in a cam girl’s life

There is always a possibility of an old teacher, neighbor, or relative walking into the club in which the stripper is working. This whole scenario can result in an unnecessary drama, particularly when the girl is meaning to keep her profession a secret. Moreover, there are also cases when a wife finds out that her husband visits a strip club and lash out at the stripper, therefore, resulting in a huge drama. Drama is not closely as probable for someone working as a webcam model. As cam girls work from their own homes, there is no possibility of them accidentally running into someone they know. If a viewer attempts to start any drama, the cam girl can easily block them, eliminating the problem overall.

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Cam girls can make any time

A webcam girl can make money as long as she has an internet connection. It does not matter what the weather is outside, or even there is a curfew. These physical conditions won’t affect the cam girl as she does not have to leave her home in order to do her job. However, bad weather for a stripper means that there would be no customers in the club, which would affect their business.

What are you waiting for?

From working from the privacy of your own home and to being able to do non-nude shows to blocking nasty clients, there are a lot of advantages to becoming a webcam girl. So, don’t wait any longer and get yourself registered on Chaturbate.

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