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What is it like to be a couple cam model?


When people think about camming, they usually imagine a hot girl chatting with the viewers or performing sexual acts with herself. However, with many couples entering the camming field that perception is changing slowly.

When it comes to camming websites, at any time, there are thousands of viewers watching cam models performing various acts, either alone or as a couple. Viewers can choose ‘room’ of any of these models and watch some glimpse for free, however, in order to watch something more, the viewers need to pay. When it comes to choosing a room, viewers have a huge range of options ranging right from a single “innocent girl” to “big boobs”, to “single girl” to “couples”.

The fact that the couples that are on the internet are actual lovers makes their actions more appealing and real. People like watching couples who are really in love and are not faking it – this has resulted in more and more viewers showing their interest in couple webcam models. However, many people have questions like – why would a normal looking couple suddenly decide to have sex in front of the camera?  How will their relationship be affected by this? Is there any other motive, other than money? Is it safe?

couple on bed using MacBook Air beside of window with white curtain

According to various webcam models, they love having sex in front of the camera, which then makes their bond stronger. Moreover, many girls feel that the positive comments about their bodies make them feel good and empowered. As far as the privacy is concerned, the majority of the camming sites provides the option of geo-blocking, which allows the models to block a particular state/country. Blocking a particular area means that the people from that particular area won’t be able to visit your room. However, no matter how many precautions you take, there is always a certain degree of risk involved with this job. However, there can be no denying the fact that camming, both as an individual and as a couple gets you a huge amount of money. Therefore, many couples choose this option if they are need of some extra cash.

Some tips for making money as a web sex couple –

If you have money and want complete privacy, it is best to find a studio room where you can have your camming sessions. This studio should be clean and well-decorated.

Before starting, you must make sure that you have all the equipment required to start. These equipment include – a PC/laptop, a microphone, a good quality webcam, and a good internet connection.

Interact with your viewers that’s what they want more than nudity!

You should make it a point to always greet your customers with a smile and make the session as interactive as possible. Although it is a couple camming, it is always a good idea to put the female in front, as the sight of a beautiful sexy female will always attract more viewers.

There are viewers who just want to be a part of the family and don’t want to see anything too sexual. Therefore, it is also a good idea for the couples that they have regular sessions in which they just depict their normal routine on screen, like, the couple playing the cards, or the wife vacuuming and the husband washing dishes. This setting will look more natural and real, and the viewers would be able to connect better with the family.

Understand that sometimes your sessions can sometimes go on for 3-4 hours. Therefore, it is better to make some preparation, like – keeping some snacks and water nearby.

Try not to give in too much in the free chats. Free chats must be like good trailers that entice the viewers to pay for the private sessions. Moreover, make it a point to be intimate with each other and share a passionate kiss every now and then, as the viewers want to watch your chemistry.

The above are just some important information and tips that will help you in becoming a successful webcam model couple. However, if you and your partner are ready to take the plunge you must start by observing other cam models and taking tips from their performance.

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