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Amateurs alternative income vs corona virus business downturn


Maybe it’s because live webcam broadcasters can simply ban any country/ies from viewing their show. Maybe it’s because live shows leave no trace behind or maybe because they don’t even show their faces or barely take off their clothes.

WebCam shows earning are seriously helping people getting some extra income while forced at home or to compensate the financial losses generated by Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

We have talked to complete newbies from . Their identities we can’t disclose and thanks to the privacy settings and after a bit of effort to fulfil the free registration process and getting the tools (remote controlled vibrator) [SEE IMAGE BELOW], activated by the live user/viewers tips.

Couples on were making $70/per hour already at their 2nd show without many followers on their accounts, and by the end of the first week they were already earning an extra $2000/week .

Live WebCam websites already have over 400 milion people visiting the sites every month, however, with the effect of Corona Virus and people having to stay at home forecasts are suggesting sites like will probably double their paying visitors and the amount of visitors in general as they provide an human interaction without risk (form the Virus pandemic ).

Uni students and people made redundant form the downturn of businesses affected corona virus are getting even more serious making 2-3 hours of live show every day and rounding up over $5000 to $7000 per month.

The secret weapon ?

Live interaction – viewers tip with money and the vibrator vibrates, the bigger the tip the higher the vibrations (image below)

Viewers’ remotely controlled vibrator LUSH 2

Do you have a large Instagram following or you want to grow it massively ?

Those that have an already large social media (Instagram) following are exploiting it to maximise their paying clients to inviting them to watch their live shows and interact (tipping) here is a great Example: 

@thebabybarron on Instagram
@thebabybarron on Instagram

Some other performers are using massive amount of live viewer to grow their Instagram following and in some cases even asking for a tip to give live viewers their Instagram name/handle. 

A live performer fully clothed with the remote controlled vibrator

How do I start webcamming and what do I need ?

You need to be over 18

Fully valid ID with picture 

A webcam or an Android phone 

An internet connection 

We suggest the vibrator (see above) to make real money

If you want to be more professional read this other article on the best equipment 

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