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5 ways to protect privacy on webcam


There are many girls out there who want to become cam girls but are always demotivated because of the various privacy concerns associated with the profession. The below security tips will help you become successful in the camming field –

1. Public profile and social media privacy

Make sure to use a fake name, fake birthdate and a vague location in order to register yourself on the camming sites. This will make sure that your clients are not able to trace you on any social media. Moreover, make your social media accounts like – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. private. This way you will be able to stop any of your images being retweeted and spread online, which will help in decreasing your exposure.

Also, make sure to never use any photos for your cam site profiles that you have shared on mainstream sites as a simple Google image search can lead them right to those real-life profiles. There are girls who find it easier to just delete their social media accounts in order to protect their privacy.

2. Geoblocking

The majority of the camming sites will let you block certain locations in order to prevent the user’s from these location to visit your profile. So, if your family is in England, you can simply block that country. This way nobody from England would be able to visit our profile. However, the problem is that some people have VPNs, which change their IPs to appear as if they are situated in another nation, giving them access to your profile. Therefore, be aware that using Geoblocking is just slightly effective and does not guarantee privacy, and certainly does not remove the likelihood of being recognized if your content is shared on the Internet. Moreover, if you decide to cam with another person from another state/country, be mindful of his/her geoblocks as well. Therefore, it is better to let the other person know about your Geoblocking needs so that he/she can act accordingly.

3. Be careful while you chat

Be extra careful while you talk to your clients. Certain local news reports or notable weather conditions could give away your fairly accurate location. Usually, the clients are much clever than you think and can involve you in small talks to get your personal information out of you. A mere mention of your favorite restaurant or a city event that you would be attending can give an idea about where you stay. Even if the clients are able to see out of your bedroom window, there are chances that someone would be able to guess your area.

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4. Address Privacy

Make a new mail id for your camming profession. You must use this new email id for the wishlist that you may create. You must use this new email id every time you want to mail something to your clients. This will also avoid any issues with apps sharing your details with your full contact list.

Moreover, if you are someone who would like to send a physical gift to your customer you need to be aware of the fact that even if you don’t put your return address on the package, your city and post office address will still appear on the mailing label. Therefore, in order to be completely safe, you must maybe do away with the physical gifts altogether.

5. Clicking on links shared by the clients

Avoid clicking on the links that are sent by the customers. There are chances that the link sent to you on the chat room, Twitter, or email can put virus to your computer. Moreover, this link can also find your IP address and your exact location. Therefore, it is best to refrain from opening any link sent by the customer.

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