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Work With us​

The majority of couples or single performers tries to go online they don’t see success (viewers and money) immediately that usually makes them feel they are not good enough for the job and they give up. It’s sure that not everybody can be a performer but it’s about the entertainment and the promotion much more than the looks. Think of how many singers and actors are not particularly beautiful but they are considered sexy and surely great entertainers.

What we offer

Firstly we don’t offer to our support to everybody as we don’t take any money upfront. We want to see the potential and most importantly commitment. You don’t broadcast when you say you will or you don’t show up for a shoot without a reason and without notice, you are out.

If you have potential we will offer you:

  1. Technical support 1-1 on how to set up your show to deliver the best quality and if you want even one of our studio locations
  2. Promotion of your account and promotion on social media and our site the more followers you have the more money you make show after show
  3. Privacy and Account protection, by managing your account you can remain completely anonymous to your users and your account is protected from hackers. Your show will be viewable in the countries you don’t want to be seen
  4. Weekly payout in cash (if needed), PayPal or bank transfer – our financial infrastructure is all set up so no need to wait for lengthy setups you can monetize your tokens immediately through us
  5. Once you prove your commitment (at least 4 shows of 1 hour every week for 6 weeks) we will provide with tools to make you more money such as lingerie, studio locations, HD cameras, professional lighting, vibrators/toys. etc..

What we require and what we get in return

  1. You need to be minimum 18 years old (both if a couple) and prove it with a valid photo ID
  2. You need to commit to do at least 4 show a week at the beginning, 1 hour per week for 6 weeks otherwise you won’t learn the tricks and won’t grow a following.
  3. Pictures (not nude and not necessarily with your face) to promote you on social media (separate account)
  4. We retain 20% of your account earnings. Why would you choose to work with us rather than solo and keep 100% well is it better to make 80% of £7000 per month or make 100% of £1000 ? The choice is yours.. if you have what it takes to to earn a lot without any help you can still use all of the content of our website for free and learn and see if you can make big numbers by yourself. We always wish every performer the best of luck, however, teamwork pays off usually in any business.